EPIC has a new partner

EPIC is pleased to announce the new partnership with Crescent Capital and welcomes Crescent to the EPIC network

EPIC is pleased to announce the new partnership with Crescent Capital (www.crescent.com.tr) and welcomes Crescent to the EPIC network. The Turkish investment house is specialized in investment banking and corporate finance services in energy and infrastructure. It is based in Istanbul and has its focus on Turkey, South Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East.

EPIC and Crescent Capital shall join forces to provide advisory services to Turkish clients seeking to invest in Western Europe, CEE, MENA or clients seeking to invest in Turkey and surrounding regions. "I am delighted about this partnership because this boosts our complementary strength in this region", says Bobo Ristic, managing partner of EPIC Financial Consulting.

Turkey, one of the most dynamic economies in its region, is the gateway between Europe and Asia and in a major position to take advantage of the global capital flow to and from the East. It benefits from the good economic relationship with the European Union, the cultural and historical relationship with the Middle East as well as the growth prospect of a young and dynamic population.

Crescent Capital is an independent start-up with a very dynamic team with longstanding international experience. Founder and managing partner Aygen Yayikoğlu has 14 years of energy and infrastructure finance experience. Prior to establishing Crescent, he spent nine years at EBRD's headquarters in London and six years in the target region, first heading EBRD's country offices in the Balkans and the Caucasus, then helping to establish IFC's regional infrastructure team based in Istanbul. "We are very pleased to link up with the excellent EPIC network. The complementary nature of our industry and geographic focus will result in successful joint mandates and further growth in the region", is Aygen Yayikoğlu convinced.

The Crescent-team is completed by Elif Ateş Özpak, leading Turkish lawyer, Gökhan Erkal, senior business developer and project finance banker as well as Marian Bocek and Ilkay Dermirdağ.

NECA has a cooperation agreement with EPIC and is part of the EPIC network. As such, NECA has direct access to all partners in the network and shares the EPIC contacts and expertise.

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