Regulatory advisory

When you operate in an industry where the rules of the game are set by a government agency rather than competitive market forces, having a sound regulatory roadmap can be as important as having the best product or the lowest cost base. Understanding both the regulatory specifics and the underlying drivers for their particular shapes and sizes is critical to mapping the long-term path of the industry and aligning your company's strategy with it.

NECA's regulatory advisory services are designed to support companies operating in regulated utilities - energy, telecoms, and water. NECA has been instrumental in guiding international clients through local regulations and in devising ways to optimize economic performance within their constraints. NECA has long-standing relationships with the energy, water and telecom regulators and can support its clients in communicating their positions.

NECA has accumulated a solid experience advising clients engaged in electricity generation, electricity distribution, gas distribution and district heating:

  • Analysis of current frameworks in regulated utilities
  • Forecast of future regulatory developments and implications for market participants
  • Regulatory financial modeling with a view to its impact on valuations
  • Advice and assistance in building relationships with regulators based on mutual trust
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